The Foam Roller Press Up is a variation of the PRI exercise, “Modified All Fours Belly Lift.” The two exercises have subtle differences, yet the similar end goal of oblique activation combined with proper inhibition. The differences include: variable difficulty, decreased shoulder activation, increased external references, reduction in body weight to optimize breathing focus, and minimal confusion from simple coaching cues. Utilize this exercise for those who have a disconnect with the concept of a posterior pelvic tilt.

Key Points:

  • Increase difficulty by place foam roller closer towards the knee.
  • Decrease difficulty by placing foam roller closer towards the hip. Use this setup for those with excessive lordosis, novice athletes, and history of back pain.
  • Elbows directly below shoulders at 90 degrees.
  • Press through the elbows (floor) to protract scapula to feel your scapula separate.
  • Lift the belly button towards the ceiling.
  • Keep feet on the floor while drawing knees towards your chest.
  • *Note: Don’t allow shoulders and elbow to roll, only allow knees to bend.
  • Oblique’s engaged.
  • Sustain position while taking four breaths.