7 Benefits of Hiring a Personal Trainer   Education Our Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists and Certified Personal Trainers have an in-depth industry- specific knowledge base. With a combined experience of over 30+ years and dozens of certifications, we are positive we can develop a strategic fitness plan tailored to each of our clients. Accountability Even the best athletes, celebrities, even fitness professionals – have coaches. Everyone needs a little

Push ups are observed in a variety of gym settings. Performance can range from being beneficial towards strength, rehabilitation, and conditioning. Conversely, they can be degenerative, painful, and contribute to injury if not done correctly. As a result of the variance observed, numerous coaching techniques are tested to try to find the best approach. While most are beneficial, too many coaching corrections are commonly made during the exercise that leads

The Foam Roller Press Up is a variation of the PRI exercise, “Modified All Fours Belly Lift.” The two exercises have subtle differences, yet the similar end goal of oblique activation combined with proper inhibition. The differences include: variable difficulty, decreased shoulder activation, increased external references, reduction in body weight to optimize breathing focus, and minimal confusion from simple coaching cues. Utilize this exercise for those who have a disconnect

Manual resistance is often an under-estimated method in the coaching tool box. This technique can be used with a wide variety of clients to learn correct form, neuromuscular awareness, developing force, and sustaining tension. In addition, it can be used with nearly any lower body, upper body, or core exercises for these purposes. For this article, the Half-Kneeling Y-Raise is used to demonstrate four key points when utilizing manual resistance.

The term “abdominal training” should not be synonymous with the obsolete thought of crunches, sit ups, and planks. Unfortunately, these actions are associated with the outdated term and sub-optimal training method. Instead, choose a more functional approach in combination with Postural Restoration Institute (PRI) to optimize ribcage position with simultaneous abdominal strengthening. In doing so, two desired goals can be achieved: Create an optimal breathing pattern and appropriate limb movement

Band Walks are a great frontal plane exercise that dynamically challenges the lower body, upper body, and abdominals. During a traditional band walk the starting position is often overlooked. Too often, clients or athletes begin with excessive lumbar extension, over-active quadriceps (squatting), and a forward head posture. Instead, utilize concepts from the Postural Restoration Institute to improve form on the traditional band walk. The initial position should establish a Zone